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The classroom at Covenant College is designed to explore, discover and realise the truth of the college motto: Christus In Vobis - Christ in you. The intention of this year of study is therefore to help each student find this truth.

The college offers a Word based curriculum relevant to situations in a changing world. Students will be taught how to live in the dynamic of the Holy Spirit, and of being at home in His presence and activity. 

Students of Covenant College will become Word-based, world orientated and well rounded; being able to lead in whatever area of life they are in. The course duration is ten months, from September to June. Areas of study will include:

  • Foundations for Christian Living
  • The Authority of the Bible
  • The Doctrine of God
  • Covenant Theology
  • Restoration Theology
  • The Kingdom of God
  • The Church: Its nature and mission
  • Evangelism: Reaching our World
  • The Christian as a Disciple
  • The Person and work of The Holy Spirit
  • The New Creation

Outside of the classroom, students of Covenant College will be trained in practical evangelism and have weekly opportunities to be involved in outreach initiatives, ranging from: 

  • University Campus Ministry
  • Local Community Outreach
  • Prison Ministry
  • Hospital Ministry
  • Outreach Crusades
  • Homeless Ministry
  • ...and many more. 

As the year progresses and hearts are captured by a need, students may wish to concentrate on one particular area to maximise their time at the College.



    Roger Aubrey was born and raised in Cardiff, Wales. He lives in the city with his wife Dianne. Roger serves on the leadership team of All Nations Church, with responsibility for teaching and preaching. He visits Churches and Bible Colleges throughout the world, teaching the Word of God and building up the Body of Christ. Roger has a Master's Degree and a PhD in Christian Theology from Cardiff University. 

  • katie rayon

    Katie is a graduate of Covenant College, class of 2013. She lives in Cardiff with her husband Carl where they run several companies with interests ranging from commercial lettings to social housing.


    James Aubrey lives and works in South Wales and is member and full time Elder of All Nations Church, Cardiff. He has a PhD in English Literature. James and his wife have two children


    David heads up the leadership team at Living Rock Church, South Leicestershire, providing direction and pastoral oversight to the church. As well as serving on the Board of Covenant College, David is also Principal of the Covenant College Weekend Programme, and the LRC Leadership Academy. David and his wife Deborah live in Leicestershire and have 3 teenage sons.


    David Shutt works full time as an Elder at All Nations Church in Cardiff. As well as a pastoral heart and the ministry of the Word, he also overseeing all aspects of media and design. David lives in Caerphilly with his wife Zoe and their two children.

david shutt - principal of covenant college

David Shutt works full time at All Nations Church in Cardiff. As well as a strong prophetic gifting, David carries a anointing in handling, teaching and preaching the Word of God, as well as a heart for people.

Above everything, David loves Jesus and loves the Church. His desire is that Covenant College will not produce only graduates, but ground breakers:

“That’s the reason I’m so excited about being involved with Covenant College. We have the most amazing opportunity and privilege to help students see and experience the truth, that the fullness of Christ is within them. If they can understand that, and live in the good of that - then these students will change the world!”

David is himself a graduate of Covenant College, class of 2001. He achieved the ‘Course Achievement Award’ for the overall highest academic performance, achieving the highest mark in all but one of the assessments. After his graduation, David served the Church in Elgin, Chicago for a year before returning to South Wales.

David lives in Cardiff with his wife Zoe, and their two children.

pastoral care

A core aim of Covenant College is to see students develop in their character and personal development. The course does not offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ fit but rather looks to help students on an individual basis. To that end Covenant College puts a large emphasis on students' welfare and, in particular, pastoral care.

As Principal, David Shutt will always have an open door policy. On top of that students will receive at least three means of pastoral care. Firstly students will be placed with a suitable family from All Nations Church, who host Covenant College. This will make sure that no student is ever left alone, uncared for or lacking for food and a warm, stable home.

Secondly, every student will be assigned to a pastoral carer who will spend time with them, encourage them, enquire as to their welfare and speaking into their lives. 

Thirdly, students will have access to the leadership and ministries based at All Nations Church and the members of the Covenant College Board.